"When the darkest sins, are

brought to the light of day.”

There is no place as intimate as where you go to confess your sins. Bless Me Father is a classic “who done it?” A story of love lost and love found in the midst of contemporary social issues of homelessness, addiction, and bringing the untouchable to justice. Cloistered conversations in the confessional are sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous. It is a modern day crime mystery with character depth, a forbidden love, and a resurrected cold case.

The wait is over. BLESS ME FATHER is here!  Thrilling and entertaining, echoing the themes of forbidden love in "The Thorn Birds," the scandal of  "Spotlight," and the mystery of crimes long past of “Mystic River.”


Thrilling in the extreme, BLESS ME FATHER is a definite page-flipper.

Reviews are most graciously appreciated!
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